PreTT classic road Races Marshals Required

At the AGM on Thursday Rupert announced that we had been approached by the Southern 100 club looking for volunteers interested in helping out as Marshals at the PreTT Classic Road Races, so for those VMCC members who are interested the details are:-


To all Marshals, Southern 100 Motorcycle Racing are reporting a high uptake in competitor entries for the PreTT Classic Road Races. A truly magnificent meeting of the best of classic machinery, top draw riders, brilliant fans and the essential smell of Castrol R. Not surprising how the Interest is building after the lack of racing for three years and the best way to start the TT fortnight.Let’s make sure we have enough marshals to ensure the smooth running of the Pre TT. Shake out your marshaling gear and remind yourself how much you enjoyed meeting old and new friends last time supporting this great event. New marshals are welcome and it will be great to see some of you younger ones joining us.All sign on information and details are available on go to marshals. Information is also included about marshals training, dates and courses. Our Southern100 Marshals Association course qualifies you with an ACU accredited certificate and licence and a new badge to wear with pride.Peter Chadwick.Chief Marshal

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