VMCC IOM Section Test Day Tuesday 5th July 2022 – Tynwald Day

VMCC Test Day Tuesday 5th July 2022 Tynwald Day

Further to the notice which we sent out on 14th June, the Regulations and One-Event Licence forms are now available and attached. The VMCC Test Day will run on Tynwald Bank Holiday at Jurby Motordrome. The aim is to provide a structure which will encourage the inclusion of less experienced on-track riders and those on slower machines by providing a non-threatening environment whilst not alienating those who wish to go faster on period racing or later model machines. Riders will self nominate to ride in one of three groups divided according to ability and/or speed of machine.

Riding Groups will be divided generally as follows, subject to the approval of the Judges of Fact. This list is not exhaustive:

Group A Vintage, Veteran and pre 1940 road machines. Novice track riders. Strictly no undertaking

Group B Those riders not included in Groups A and C.

Group C Experienced riders of race machines from the ’60s to 1997 and larger capacity later model road machines.

Riders may wish to seek guidance from the Judges of Fact regarding which Group to enter. Riders adjudged to be in the wrong Group will be black flagged and reassigned.

The event will run under a NORA92 permit, hosted as usual by Andreas Racing Association and organised by SL Events. This is exactly as our last highly successful Test Day on 18th April 2022. All machines must be over 25 years old. All riders must be current VMCC members.

Entries are open now. The entry fee has been held at £50 per rider or £50 for a sidecar outfit.

Please pay by Direct Transfer if possible (Bank Details below) with a confirmation email (johnholt@manx.net) or text (07624 355198). If not, then cash or cheque (payable to VMCC IoM Section) to John Holt, Three Gables, Nassau Road, Regaby. IM7 4AL.

Isle of Man Bank

Sort code: 55 91 00

Account number: 12290777

Payee reference: Your name

For those who have already paid their entry fee or will do so by Direct Transfer please send your completed One-Event Licence Application form to John Holt at the above address. Please write on the bottom of the form: The bike you intend riding with it’s age, your self nominated riding group and your VMCC Membership number.

Gates will be open at 8.00am. Rider briefing will be at 9.30. There will be no entries on the day.

Don’t forget to bring with you your Motorcycle Driving Licence and your current VMCC Membership Card.

If you have any questions please email John Holt

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