VMCC Test Day Final Instructions

VMCC Test Day Jurby Circuit 30th August 2022
Final Instructions
for VMCC Test Day participants only.
The Mini-Jurby Event on 30th August 2022 is being organised by the Andreas
Racing Association Ltd. The VMCC Test Day is just one of the activities
scheduled for what will be a very busy day. Thank you for your entry. Please
read carefully and comply with these instructions to ensure a safe and
enjoyable day for everyone involved.

  1. Gates to the circuit will be open at 7.30am. Access will also be possible
    the evening before.
  2. Only one van/car per bike or rider will be allowed in the paddock.
  3. A Test Day rider my be accompanied by one helper/mechanic admitted
    free of charge at the same time as the rider. Any extra persons over the age
    of 16 years will be charged the £5 admittance fee.
  4. VMCC Test Day riders will be directed to one side of the paddock; the
    other side is designated for ARA race competitors.
  5. Signing-on for Test Day participants will be 8:00am to 9:00am.
  6. VMCC Test Day riders’ briefing will be at 9:10am – this is compulsory;
    attendance is a condition of being allowed on track, so all riders must be
    present by this time.
  7. Dogs will be allowed on the Jurby site but they must be on a lead at all
  8. Children under 16 must be supervised at all times.
  9. As the paddock is open to the public bikes must be pushed, NOT
    RIDDEN, to and from the holding area. Starting rollers will be available
    adjacent to the holding area.
  10. Riders will be required to wear one-piece or zip-together leathers and
    an ACU Gold Stamp Helmet.
  11. Don’t forget to bring with you your Motorcycle Driving Licence or
    Race Licence to demonstrate your competence to ride.
  12. Each riding session will be led round the circuit from the holding area
    by a Travelling Marshal for at least one lap. Do not overtake the Travelling
  13. Riders may wish to seek guidance from the Judges of Fact regarding
    which Rider Group to enter. Riders adjudged to be in the wrong Group will be
    black flagged and reassigned.
  14. The first Track Session for Test Day participants (Group A) is
    scheduled to start at 9.30am
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