The Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMCC), is the organisation, based in England, that has members interested in older motorbikes.  Some of these are Vintage, some are Classic and some are modern, and they are just the owners.

“As well as catering for the very oldest pioneer machines, membership is open to those who have an interest in any motorcycles more than 25 years old with many of our members owning modern machines as part of their “stable”.  We cater for enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience and you don’t even have to own a motorcycle to become a member!”

The VMCC is split into Sections, mainly based on geography.  This is the Isle of Man Section.

The VMCCIOM Section organisers events here on the Isle of Man. 

Club Nights.  We meet at Vagabonds Club House on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 8.00 PM for a chat, film show, presentation, and a raffle.

Road Runs.  Organised road runs on the afternoon of the 2nd Sunday of the month, meeting at different locations around the island and invariably finish with tea and cakes.

Trials.  The VMCC trials championship has events on the 3rd Sunday of the month.  It is open to everyone (VMCC members and non-members), you can ride any type of trials bike (modern, twinshock, classic, vintage), and ride either of the two routes (hard or easier}.  

Coffee Road Runs.  These impromptu events are organised when the weather is good and at short notice.  The idea is to ride to a venue to meet up, enjoy a chat and coffee and then ride home.  They are normally during a weekday.

Special Events.  During the year events are organised for members to participate in.  The Manx Rally, Peel Day, 10-pin Bowling Night, Bike Displays on Douglas Prom,

Vintage Mann.  The magazine is available through the website and is edited by Steve Leonard.  Please send him articles or adverts for publication.

For more information on the VMCCIOM Section contact Gary Corlett

To join the VMCC go here.